Botox Cosmetic and Dysport

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®

Botox® is the most common non-surgical procedure performed in the North America.   Botox® is a safe and effective treatment for the reduction and prevention of wrinkles, management of excessive sweating and for the treatment migraine headaches and muscle spasms.Dysport® works almost the same as Botox®.

Wrinkle Reduction 
Botox® Cosmetic is a natural protein injection used to relax the muscles that create wrinkles, thereby smoothing the skin and eliminating lines between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and around the eyes. Botox® Cosmetic works by inhibiting the nerve impulses that cause facial muscles to contract. This results in muscle relaxation, giving the skin a smoother, more refreshed, youthful appearance. The procedure takes only minutes and results are noticeable within 3-6 days.  To prevent lines and wrinkles from re-appearing a simple touch-up is recommended 3-4 times per year.

Wrinkle Prevention 
Younger people can also benefit by regular use of Botox® Cosmetic to prevent unwanted  wrinkling from getting “etched” into their skin.

Perspiration Management 
When injected into the areas of the skin that produce excessive perspiration Botox® Cosmetic effectively reduces sweat production for as long as 6 months. Common areas treated for excessive perspiration include the underarms, the hands and feet. Results are noticeable within a few days and the treatment lasts for up to 5-6 months.

Migraine Headaches and Muscle Spasms 
Recent studies have shown that BOTOX® may also be useful for the treatment of migraine headaches and neck muscle spasms.  Results are noticeable within a few days and repeat treatment is recommended within 4 months.

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